67 Pine St. | Ellsworth, Maine

Special Note from Leesa and Peter

Thank you to all for your well wishes and prayers!

Today (05/08), we reopen the store. Please be sure to check our hours, if you plan to travel far, as Peter has several doctor appointments scheduled. For instance, this week we will be open each of our regular days except Friday, 05/10, as he has two doctors’ appointments that day.

We look forward to seeing you!

Maine Custom Made Jewelry by Striking Gold Jewelers, Inc.

We invite you into our quaint jewelry store located in Ellsworth, Maine. Each piece of jewelry in our store is custom made and are one-of-a-kind, with no two pieces being alike. You will be delighted with our selection of wedding sets, rings, necklaces, bracelets, and men's pieces. Our sea glass collections are made using natural, unaltered glass found on the shores of the Maine Coast.

Floral themes, nautical and fishing pieces make the perfect keepsake - let us replicate your sail boat or bring your other ideas to life in the metal of your choice. Stop in, you will be pleasantly surprised!

Go beyond   traditional recycling and have your old jewelry rendered into something brand new! For decades, Striking Gold Jewelers has recycled the gold, platinum, silver, diamonds, and other gemstones from customers' old jewelry to create new custom pieces with unique stories. Jewelers, designers and owners, Peter and Leesa Farnsworth welcome you to explore the many opportunities your old jewelry can offer you once again.

People recycle their old jewelry for many reasons; for example it may be broken beyond repair, not your style or you desire a new family heirloom that combines many pieces and memories. Whatever your reason, you will come away with something new that you will love and cherish. And you'll be surprised at how affordable it is!

At Striking Gold Jewelers in Ellsworth, you will take a trip back in time - back to when jewelry was made entirely by hand, before the advent of modern technology and the industrial revolution. With the exception of a dremel-style handpiece and the polishing lathe, all work is performed entirely by hand. Hand fabrication is a humble and dying art that Peter and Leesa practice and strive to preserve every day. All work, including accurate repair, is done

on-site by one or both of the jewelers. Peter is a master bench jeweler who has been fabricating for 46 years, while Leesa, also a bench jeweler, has been fabricating for 30 years.

The process is truly fascinating - your old jewelry is melted down with a torch into little "M&M's," then rolled by hand through steel plates making flat bars or square wire. For round wire, the square wire is then pulled by hand through steel plates. The torch is the "ultimate eliminator" of bad memories, yet perfectly preserves the meaningful ones.

Don't own any old or broken jewelry? No problem - Striking Gold can use the same hand fabrication process using newly recycled pure gold, which is then blended into four colors of gold in many karats. Either way, your new piece of jewelry will reflect your personality because you assist in the design process. Choose from the many unique designs Striking Gold offers in-store, or bring your own design for a piece that's truly one-of-a-kind.

The pieces we make are always individually unique...